Trust is the most important aspect in the relationship between a business and its customers. Without trust, there are no customers. Without customers, there are no sales. Without sales, there is no company.

It’s important to understand what trust is, and how it can be developed with customers.

According to the dictionary, trust exists when there is a belief in the competency, truth, and reliability of something or someone.

The investigators Tan and Sutherland (2004) state that, “When speaking about competency, consumers evaluate if the seller has the skills and the expertise to meet their needs.” What does that mean?

For the majority of Americans, the belief in the competency of a business is the most important aspect of trust, especially when they are going to buy a product or contract a service from a foreign company. In other words, a company not owned by someone in the US.


How can a company gain the trust of American consumers?


It’s not as difficult as it seems – it’s only necessary to show them that the company has the competency to meet their needs and dreams!

Here are three steps a company can take to make sure the company is sending a message of competency and trust.

  1. Update the company’s website, using current technology. For example, websites should no longer use Flash or Java.
  2. Make sure the company’s website and social media posts are written in perfect American English. The United States is the largest English-speaking market in the world. It doesn’t make sense to use British English because the Americans are going to feel like the company isn’t talking directly to them.
  3. Review the company’s marketing strategy. Nowadays, the best strategies make use of a technique called “storytelling.” With this technique, companies connect deeply and emotionally with consumers and customers, when they tell their customers’ stories. Customers that are connected emotionally with the company always return to buy the products or services that the company offers.


With these three steps, a company will be a step ahead of the competition, especially the competition that does not have the trust of American consumers.

I am an American and expert marketing consultant and intercultural communications advisor. I’ll help make your marketing strategy and communication “gringo-friendly.” l’m here for you.


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